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Payday loan 




Are you looking for a short term ‘payday loan’? 

To qualify for a pay day loan with a trustworthy (non ‘loan shark’) company, you just about always need to be able to prove that you have a job, with your wages/salary being paid directly into your bank account by direct credit transfer.

In other words, you must not be paid by cash or cheque.

This is because the lenders want to know that you can show them a copy of a bank statement, which clearly shows your employer regularly depositing funds into your bank account.

- And so proving to them that you do indeed have a payday.

Because repayments are usually made by debit card - you must have a bank account with one attached to it.

Plus each payday loan company will usually only allow one payday loan account per household.

But be in no doubt that these loan facilities are not cheap.

A search around the internet shows that each 100 you borrow could cost you between 25 and 40 in interest just for 30 days.

So you need to be very careful before you go ahead, because if you find yourself unable to repay your payday advance, your debts will soon spiral out of control and the amount you will owe could double in around 3 months, and that amount will double again in a further three months and so on.

But if you feel you have no choice, and are confident that you will be able to repay it quickly, a pay day loan facility might be better than having to face bank charges for ‘bounced’ direct debits and unauthorised lending charges, depending on your particular bank.

This is why we have included links to Payday loan companies on our web site.

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